Why are you so obsessed with your Formula 1 knitting bingo?

Formula 1 has been Lydia’s passion for years. Once the season starts, she will watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix, talk F1, breath F1 GP and share all the memes.  (Cliquez ici pour accéder à la version française.)

It was only a matter of time until she dragged Aviva into this madness (Thanks Drive to Survive on Netflix for giving the final push).

Lydia explained all about the rules, the drama, Formula 1 fantasy while making a list of the must-see races to rewatch on F1 TV.

But it wasn’t enough.

One evening in January 2020, after Aviva had watched a replay of Leclerc’s podium at Monza while knitting a striped sweater, the words Formula 1 knitting bingo were uttered for the first time.

Then in February 2020, Lydia got super excited about the new liveries.

At this point, we thought “Let’s turn this Formula1 love into an exciting F1 project”

We came up with Formula 1 colourways and F1 Blanket Extravaganza Project was born! 

We experimented with a bingo card and used the Northeasterly blanket from Ellie Alexander-Loomis aka Skeinanigans. This pattern gave us the freedom to add columns as we went and each race being unique, it meant we ended up with columns of a different length.

Now, 2021 Formula 1 season is upon us and we are proud to have designed a bingo card we can finally share with you!  

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This way we can all have fun together cheering and agonizing over our favorite teams and drivers!

a bingo card based on the 2021 Formula 1 season

See down below for how we made our blanket and our plans for 2021.

Une couverture colorée tricotée avec les résultats des courses automobiles de Formule 1 de 2020.
2020 was mostly HAM-BOT-VER and then happy chaos!

Northeasterly Blanket:

For our 2020 bingo we would knit 8 rows per driver for their qualifying positions.

Then we would knit bingo “events”, usually with an event being 8 rows too.

If 2 drivers crashed into each other then we would knit 4 rows for one of the drivers and 4 rows for the other.

We also added 4 rows of a yellow yarn for whenever the safety car was on track.

And we would add a black lace yarn when a driver DNFed.

About halfway through there were suddenly a lot of red flags and some random dark red leftover was added to the mix, even though this wasn’t a bingo event we definitely thought it was memorable enough for the blanket.

It’s really up to you and how you want to make your project!

After the bingo events we would knit the driver that had the fastest lap.

And we would finish a column with the race results, excluding the DNFs.


2021 Plans:

For this season we want to keep it a bit more relaxed since we aren’t always the fastest knitters.

Instead of a blanket Lydia will make a shawl/wrap, still with a column per race but a bit narrower. It will have less rows for qualifying and race results, focusing more on the bingo mayhem part.

Aviva is planning to knit knee high socks, one for each half of the season. Each race will probably be pole position, bingo mayhem, and end with podium results.

A colorful knitted blanket seen from above. The colors are inspired by the 2020 Formula 1 season.
Blanket is half of the 2020 F1 season.