Our Values

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Fair prices :


  • We perpetually aim towards offering fair pricing.
  • We believe everyone should be able to knit or crochet with pretty yarn of good quality and respectful of the environment.
Undyed yarn of 20g mini BFL and 100g skeins of BFL against a grey wood background.


  • We make everything ourselves from selecting the yarn, dyeing it, coming up with new names, labelling, helping you choose a colourway to wrapping it and shipping the yarn.
  • We test all our yarn by knitting samples with them before offering them to you on our website.
  • We are always available by e-mail and message on Instagram and we aim to research information and offer you as many answers as possible through our blog section.
      White sheep looking at the camera against a blue sky.

      Sustainability has always been one of our core values since we started dyeing:

      • Most of our bases come from Chesterwool because their ethics align with us and they are completely transparent about their fibers’ sourcing.
      • Chesterwool are very careful about their Superwash bases and their Superwash wool come from regulated treatment plants in the UK and Europe.
      • The minis we offer were born from Chesterwool’s project of a range of mini skeins being spun in one of the mills they work with in Peru. The project became a woman-owned business in Peru that currently employs 16 women. When you buy mini-skeins, you are supporting women empowerment!
      • Our other bases are from Wool Top and are sourced and spun in the UK under the strictest standards.
      • If you don’t want to knit with Superwash at all, we also offer Non-Superwash yarn, including sock yarns as well as a vegan base.
      • As for our natural dyeing collection, we dye them in small batches because a lot of the flowers and plants used are obtained through foraging and we try to respect the cycle of seasons.
      • We also don’t use cochineal since the carmine dye comes from the dried insects and eggs grounded to powder then mixed with aluminium or calcium salts.
            • We use biodegradable mailing bags to ship our yarn.


              • Our website and our social media are a respectful and safe space.
              • We don’t use feminism as a cool hyped word but as the very real need to fight for equality regarding of race, sexuality, gender, body shapes and physical abilities.