Walnut Tree Embroidery Kit - Autumn

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Over the past year we've been embroidering, drawing and writing to relax. This all comes together in this embroidery kit for beginners we've created! We're always looking to become more sustainable in our business (and lives) and we had so much fun implementing that in this easy plant dyed embroidery kit. The plant dyed embroidery thread is vegan (100% recycled cotton) and botanically dyed with walnut leaves from the garden. The pattern is relaxing for beginners, but still with enough variety to practice your stitches. And it's easily adjustable for the more adventurous people!

This vegan, naturally dyed embroidery kit contains all you need to get started:

- 1 skein of plant dyed embroidery floss (3 grams of 100% recycled cotton naturally dyed with walnut leaves)

- Embroidery hoop

- Embroidery needle

- Dark blue cotton fabric (Oeko-Tex certified)

- The Fox and the Knight embroidery pattern and instruction leaflet (on recycled paper)

- Carbon paper (to transfer the pattern)

- Mini Walnut Tree zine (on recycled paper)

- Autumnal illustration (on paper made of 100% agricultural waste)
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