Spooky Embroidery Kit

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This spooky embroidery kit is great for beginners and the more adventurous embroiders. You can practices your back or stem stitches, change up the little faces or follow the pattern as is. The embroidery thread is vegan (100% recycled cotton) and botanically dyed with marigold.

The kit includes 4 limited edition postcards printed with Risograph, a Japanese printing technique with rice based ink.

This vegan, naturally dyed embroidery kit contains all you need to get started:

- 1 skein of plant dyed embroidery floss (3 grams of 100% recycled cotton naturally dyed with marigold)

- Embroidery hoop

- Embroidery needle

- Yellow cotton fabric (Oeko-Tex certified)

- The Fox and the Knight embroidery pattern and instruction leaflet (on recycled paper)

- Carbon paper (to transfer the pattern)

- 4 illustrated postcards (Riso printed on recycled paper, only a few are available)

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